Tyler Courville -St. Ignatius Student Story

Tyler Courville the son of Amy and Marvin, the grandson of Homer and Lorraine has made some amazing strides in life for a young man from St. Ignatius, MT.  Tyler left home after the eighth grade and was offered an opportunity to represent his community and attend school in New England at the Phillips Exeter Academy.  This opportunity came at a price and Tyler had to leave home and take on life far from away from what he was familiar with.  He was given a choice and was brave enough to take the opportunity, accept it and conquer the challenge.  He is still a Mission boy, but he is leaving his mark on the world and my hope is that other students can learn from Tyler and take advantage of opportunities that allow you to explore the unknown.  Tyler is now studying science and engineering at Stanford University.  He has attended the Island School on Cape Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, a period he describes as the "the best 100 days ever." Students focused on Marine Biology and sustainability, and Courville researched biodigestion- how to produce methane out of organic matter. (The Exeter Bulletin, Summer 2014) My hope is that students of St. Ignatius can use Tyler Courville as an example to stretch the imagination and be brave enough to leave home when opportunity knocks.  Tyler was also a four-year, three season athlete, running indoor track in the cold months and outdoor track and cross country in the spring and fall, and was a captain of all three teams. We are proud of you Tyler and thank you for representing Mission all over the world.  Young people of the Mission Valley if you are looking for an young man to look up up too, look no further than Tyler Courville.  Tyler is a brave young man with courage and someone I respect a great deal.  Tyler's story is far from over and this is only the beginning of what is still to come for this young man.  Stay tuned...  GO BULLDOGS!!